1. Login to Azure Portal with your account.
  2. Select your subscription. Say: Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription.
  3. Create a new Resource Group.
    1. Name: az-func-demo-wus
    2. Region: West US


  1. Authenticate az cli. Select your account when prompted

    az login
  2. Set Account to Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription. Copy subscription Id from portal.

    az account set --subscription xxx-0fc2-xxxxx-9342-xxxxxxx

GitHub Repo

Create a GitHub repo on for committing the code.

  1. Click on
  2. Create a new public repository. Name it az-function-tutorial
  3. Clone this new repository to your machine.
  4. Add a README file and commit it to origin.
echo "# az-function-demo" >>
git init
git add
git commit -m "first commit"
git branch -M master
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master


  1. Open VSCode and then open repository folder cloned in step above.

  2. Ensure you have following extension installed

    1. Azure CLI Tools
    2. Azure Functions
    3. Azure Resources
    4. Azure Account
    5. Python
  3. Login to free account in VSCode

    VS Code Azure Login